Welcome to Marathon Z3

Once again, ring in spring with a tango marathon in the nation's capital. Join us for a whole weekend of great dancing:

  • with an eclectic mix of dancers from all over North America

  • to irresistible selections by some of the best DJs, not just in the US, but in the world:
  • Dan Boccia - Anchorage, Alaska
  • Semeon Kukormin - Moscow, Russia
  • Lung-kuei Lin - Taipei, Taiwan
  • Felipe Martinez - San Francisco, CA
  • Ramu Pyreddy - Washington DC
  • Robin Thomas - New York, NY
  • Amy Zhou - Los Angeles, CA

  • on a beautiful wood floor with cabeceo-friendly seating for ALL

  • short walk to hotel, restaurants & metro

  • with catered gourmet brunches - Saturday & Sunday

  • fueled by refreshments throughout - sweet & savory, healthy & decadent

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