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Ayano Yoneda - San Francisco, CA

Based in San Francisco, Ayano travels and dances in the milogas around the world including her annual pilgrimage to Buenos Aires. She focuses on making the dancers happy, keep them dancing all night long. She regularly DJs at the local milongas in San Francisco such as El Valenciano / The Great Northern, Genesis, The Beat, and has been invited to DJ in Tokyo, Taipei, Maui Embrace Tango Festival, Pasional The Third Coast Tango Marathon, Tango Holiday in DC, Ronda De Ases in Portland, San Diego Tango Marathon, La Mujeres Tango Marathon and Ann Arbor Tango Marathon.
Photo by Xiaomin Jiang

Dhruv Singh - San Francisco, CA

Dhruv discovered tango at Purdue University and soon after moved to Portland where he became part of a thriving community. Now a resident of the Bay Area, the spontaneity and nostalgia that first drew him to tango keeps taking him across the country for various festivals and marathons. He enjoys the entire richness of the range that tango has to offer values the many flavors tango dancers bring from across the worlds. As a DJ, he believes that a great experience on the dance floor simply originates from a burning desire to dance. He particularly enjoys djing milongas at marathons by building up on the energy that dancers bring for a packed weekend. He has been dancing at marathon Z since it first took shape and is beyond excited to come back to DJ in the wonderful DC community. Expect the entire range ;)
Photo by Geetanjali

Lampis Zalavras - Los Angeles, CA

Lampis has been fascinated by tango and continuously tries to expand his understanding of this complex art form. Playing the right tanda at the right time is critical for an emotionally fulfilling evening of dancing and he aims to achieve exactly that with his music selections. Lampis focuses on traditional music that keeps the dancers on the floor until the very end of the milonga. He has been DJing for the past ten years in multiple events all over the world.
Photo by Giancarlo Pastonchi

Ramu Pyreddy - Washington, DC

Ramu took his first tango lesson on April 27th, 2000 in Buenos Aires and was hooked instantly. To share that passion with his friends and colleagues, he started Michigan Argentine Tango Club at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Ramu has since danced, DJ’d and taught all over the US and Canada. His teaching and dancing are characterized by a keen musical interpretation, infectious enthusiasm and a deep love of the music. He is one of the most knowledgeable and sought after tango DJ's in the US and has been a featured DJ at most tango festivals in the US. Currently, he lives in Washington DC where he is the host, DJ and resident teacher at Milonga Zandunga, one of DC's popular milongas.
Photo by Yulia Kriskovets

Semeon Kukormin - Moscow, Russia

Semeon started dancing Argentinean dances 10 years ago and since then he has traveled to Argentina 3 times to get closer to the source. He played music and taught in more than 35 countries. Only in the past two years over 1000 people in Russia, Europe and the USA met Argentine folklore through him. He is the curator of dance communities in dozens of Russian cities from Moscow to Vladivostok and from St. Petersburg to Simferopol. In Europe, there is no such wide-profile dancer with a deep knowledge of the subject. Staying at the forefront of the folk movement, he is a bridge between the cultures of Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina. Tango dancers begin to dance Chacarera and Zamba deeper, and folklorists feel the magic of tango. Even Argentines trust to teach them to dance the dances of their country. "For me, folklore is how nature speaks through people. And Argentine folklore is one of the most enjoyable and lively instruments, with which you can get closer to the nature of our planet and the nature of human relations." When people ask me: "why do you dance Argentine folklore?", I reply that I do not dance Argentinean folklore, but dance myself through it. ”
Photo by Anya Semeniouk

Yulia Kriskovets - Washington, DC

Yulia has been DJing regularly both locally in Washington D.C. and on the national festival circuit since 2004. She carefully crafts her tandas based on the shape and taste of each song to make you dance all night long. She loves contrasting her selections, so that you are never bored on the dance floor. In the past, she DJed at events in Ann Arbor, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, Portland, and Yale. In her non-tango life, she is Feldenkrais Practitioner based in Washington D.C.
Photo by Aleksandra Zaytseva



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