A good mix of local and visiting dancers from all over the continent, who do not get to dance with each other often enough, practically lock themselves into a venue for the weekend, with food and great DJs, and dance the weekend away.

No workshops, no classes, no performances, and no distractions. Just socializing, eating and dancing to great music for the whole weekend!

Marathons and variations on the marathon formula are currently very popular in Europe, where they often sell out within hours or days after registration opens.

Mainly because of the size of the venue and the table/seating arrangements.

We want all the attendees to have a good time - both on and off the floor. So we have set a few guidelines for ourselves to make it easy for dance invitations and to relax between dances:

  • everyone will have a seat if they want to sit.
  • all seats and tables are equal (meaning everyone will have a line of sight to others in the room)

Yes. We will also strive for a good mix of local and non-local dancers from all over.

We will provide catered brunches on Saturday and Sunday. Join us and your fellow dancers in the communal meal for some off-the-floor camaraderie.

And we will provide water and plenty of snacks - sweet & savory, healthy & decadent - throughout the marathon. Coffee, tea & media lunas around midnight. Anything else, feel free to BYO.

Please submit your details here. We will send you periodic updates and instructions to register once we open registration.

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